Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WIN FREE tix to the National Geographic lecture by Lisa Ling - Next Monday, Dec. 7, 8 pm, Winspear Opera House

One Arts Plaza is sponsoring this Brinker Series event next Monday at the new AT&T Performing Arts Center. We are giving away sets of 2 FREE tix for the first ones who answer any of the following questions (be sure to include your email address in your comment/response so we can get your tickets to you):

What is your favorite National Geographic photo?
What do you think of when you think of National Geographic?
Which of Lisa Ling’s hard hitting stories has been your favorite?

Comment with some of your clever thoughts and opinions (along with your e-mail) in order to win your 2 FREE tickets. You can park at One Arts Plaza and ride over on our FREE Art Cart.

Since Lisa Ling began her career as a television reporter more than two decades ago, she has interviewed people ranging from heads of state to Hollywood’s A-list. Fearless in the field, she has gone undercover in North Korea, examined China’s one-child policy, met families of suicide bombers in Israel and interviewed leaders of Nigeria’s biggest rebel movement. Ms. Ling regularly contributes to The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN’s Planet in Peril series and the National Geographic Channel.


Tara said...

I feel like can answer these pretty easily off the top of my head so I will take a stab at it!

-My favorite picture is of the penguins on the cover of issue #1204. I love penguins!
-When I think of National Geographic, I think of my attic (we have boxes... and boxes... of them). Can't seem to give them away!
-I watched Lisa Ling on Channel One news growing up. I still remember watching when she covered the refugee crisis in Albania. I had Albanian family friends so I wanted to see where they came from.

runmarlorun said...

I love the picture of a bright green tree frog and one of a beautiful dark haired dark eyed young girl who was wearing a colorful head scarf. When i was a kid I would tear out the pictures and put them on my wall like posters. It made my dad mad because he liked to look at the issues over and over.
Lisa Ling interview with young girls who were sold in to prostitution really made me think how lucky i and my daughters are to have the life we have.

Ginnean said...

I love the volcano photos from Indonesia. They're so beautiful, they almost look unreal.

National Geographic makes me think of my mom. She collected the magazines when I was younger and still has them. Just before my wedding, she gave me a National Geographic book titled "Mothers and Daughters."

I will never forget Lisa Ling's reporting in the Planet in Peril special last year. She reported on how oil has turn Nigeria into a battleground and how illegal fishing for shark fins is changing our ecosystem.

D_Mon said...

Tara, runmarlorun and Ginnean,

Congrats, you have each won 2 tickets!

Please shoot me your phone & full name by email to and I'll get your tickets to you for Monday's event!

Toddraune said...

I love any picture of animals that National Geographic publish, I often draw them or paint them.
When I think of National Geographic i think of being thankful for the luxuries we have to day. So many times we take the things that we do or have for granted but when you look at some picture or read a article it shows where we could be. Toddraune Smith

Jeff said...

favorite nat geo picture of all time is the first full view of earth from space, "Blue Marble". so majestic and grand.

when i think of nat geo i think of an outlet; be it the magazine, the web, or their television programs, where people who care about the world can turn for incredible stories, pictures and information about the world around us.

the lisa ling stories that have gripped my wife and i both have to be gang rapes in congo and bride burnings in india. both not only shed light on frightening situations, but also provided a chance for the world to band together and act in a positive way.


Ethan said...

My favorite National Geographic photo is the Young Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry.

NatGeo reminds me of how much more I need to read, I used to read it all the time in the 3rd and fourth grades, and man did it fascinate me.

When I think of Lisa Ling, I think of her as a Channel One news correspondent that we had to watch while waiting for 1st period to begin in the 7th grade. I remember who special on North Korea, for Oprah, investigative journalism that was just amazing.

Ethan Wilson

Karrie said...

When I think of National Geographic, I think of my childhood. My parents had a tradition, where each week they would hand me a National Geographic magazine and I would spend hours looking though the several articles and pictures. I loved learning about other cultures, cities and the people. I truly enjoyed each magazine and will keep that tradition once I am a parent! My email address is

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite National Geographic photo?
I saw one years ago of a man standing near the flowing lava of a volcano. It was erupting 10 times higher than he stood. It was such a profound image of just how small we are and how majestic and grand nature can be in comparison.

What do you think of when you think of National Geographic?

I love National Geographic and have read it since I was a child. I have a subscription even now and use the issues in my jr. high classroom as curriculum support. In Reading we use the pictures to create desciptive sentences or to practice metaphors and similies. In Theatre we use the pictures of people from around the world to inspire character studies.

Which of Lisa Ling’s hard hitting stories has been your favorite?

I must mention that I watched Lisa Ling in junior high and high school when she was a reporter for Channel One!

I've watched her coverage of human trafficking on Oprah. She is a very brave reporter and it is admirable how committed she is to revealing these stories.

I would love the opportunity to see her speak in Dallas! Thank you for the chance.

-Casey Hollimon
Dallas, TX

mindy said...

My favorite National Geographic photo is the one of two adult penguins in a heart shape over their offspring.
My favorite Lisa Ling interview was with Mormon Polygamists.
When I think of National Geographic I think about where I will be able to travel the next month I receive a new one. Sometimes I wish they were printed more frequently.

D_Mon said...


Congrats, you have won 2 tickets!

Please shoot me your phone & full name by email to and I'll get your tickets to you for Monday's event!

Gillianpar said...

The young Afghan girl who carries the sadness of all women who are not provided a fair shot at living a fulfilled life.
When I think of National Geographic, I remember my childhood and looking forward to each and every issue. And now I have the distinct pleasure of introducing my grandchildren to the amazing world that I and my children (their parents) enjoyed so much and for so long. I can't wait to see their faces when they receive their first issues at Christmas.

My favorite story is Lisa Ling's coverage of the homeless tent city in Sacramento. The hopelessness that has led these people to live in sub-human conditions in the capital city of California..shocking!

D_Mon said...

Thanks for your comments Gillianpar.

Please shoot me your phone & full name by email to and I'll get your tickets to you for Monday's event.

Anonymous said...

Lisa's Latin American topics resonate with me, specificly the drug war and coverage of gangs like the Mara Salvatrucha.

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