Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Arts Plaza Events

Two Arts Plaza's site is now up. Should be really great when all of the plaza is complete. Dallas really needs this kind of style downtown.


Kathy said...

I had a wonderful experience at the One Arts Paza restaurant named Dali, last thursday. There were live dancers outside by the fountains making the atmosphere really unqique and cool. Its a very refreshing place to go with an extremely extensive wine selection.

Sara said...

One Arts Plaza is so beautiful! I went to the Nasher this weekend then walked over to see it - I can't wait to go back to one of the restaurants! This is a great addition to downtown!

shelle said...

When will Jorge's mexican restaurant open?

KellyB459 said...

Looks like Jorge's opens in July of this year! I can't wait. :D

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