Friday, June 27, 2008

Dali Wine Bar/Screen Door

The Dali Wine Bar and Screen Door are both open for dining in the plaza.
Coming in July 2008: Tei An - Japanese/Soba , Jorge's - Tex/Mex and Fedora - Upscale Italian - Opening Fall 2008. These restaurants are also open to catering private events at One Arts Plaza.

The best thing is that all five restaurants are in one location! So you can enjoy live entertainment in the plaza and have your choice of wonderful dining. Five restaurants--five nights in the workweek...hmmm..., coincidence?

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KellyB459 said...

For several years now I've made the New Years Resolution to start drinking. As a historical tea-totaller, I know that everyone else would appreciate it if I could get the edge off, just a bit. Finally, at Dali, I found the smoothest, most enjoyable glass of wine ever. Though I only drank one glass with my meal, it certainly was a wonderful one. All tea-totallers, go to Dali Wine Bar and Grill! I figured I'd start with the best.

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