Friday, October 31, 2008

More Praise for Tei An

People can't say enough about Tei An—and we certainly don't mind!
Teresa Gubbins wrote a great piece over at D Magazine.

Please tell us about your Tei An experience, we know you guys love it too.


Shelle01 said...

I saw a sign on Tei An's window announcing a special dinner on November 18th. I'm curious, but all the entire japanese menu is intimidating. Does Tei An have a posted history, philosophy or a website where I can learn more?

D_Mon said...

Hi, shelle01!
No, Tei An doesn't currently have a Website. However, you can find lots of interesting tidbits about soba noodles on the Web. Don't let the menu intimidate you, everything on there is delicious.

But if you're not the risk-taking type, here are a few links to check out concerning Japanese cuisine.

Dallas Observer Tei An Review

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